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How does HUB Connect integrate with Adaptasoft?

SwipeClock® integrates with Adaptasoft’s CyberPay Online Phoenix (CPO) through our API. Employee information from within Adaptasoft is automatically pushed to SwipeClock® so the two systems stay in sync. You can also import timecard data from SwipeClock through the integration. Please note that this integration is not designed to send employee information out of SwipeClock and into Adaptasoft, so Adaptasoft will need to be the primary system of record for employee data.

Key Benefits of Integrating Adaptasoft with HUB Connect

Single Sign On (SSO)

No need to memorize multiple logins for CyberPay Online Phoenix and TimeWorksPlus

Improve Client Retention

When your clients use Time & Attendance integrated with Payroll their retention increases.

How do I Enable the Adaptasoft Integration?

First, you will need to contact Adaptasoft’s Client Care for enablement of the integration and information on how to link your CPO Phoenix Bureau account with SwipeClock. Once that integration is enabled, individual client accounts are integrated and configured in CPO. You will need to do the following in TimeWorksPlus (or TimeWorks) before proceeding:

SwipeClock Preparation

  1. Create a Client level login for the sole purpose of the integration. (image 1) The login and password for this user will be entered in Adaptasoft later. No actual user will ever use these credentials, it simply facilitates the connection between the two systems.
    Adaptasoft Swipeclock Client Login
  2. Get the SwipeClock Site ID. This can be found in your Client List under the Site Code column.
    Adaptasoft Swipeclock Client ListOnce you have these items, you can continue with the integration process in CPO.

Create New TimeKeeping Account in CPO Phoenix

  1. In CPO, select Timekeeping under the Applications dropdown
  2. Choose the Accounts tab and click the New TimeKeeping Account button

    Adaptasoft Swipeclock New Timekeeping Account

    Adaptasoft Swipeclock New Timekeeping Account

  3. Configure the accounts as follows
    1. Is Bureau Account should be unchecked
    2. Choose the company from the Company dropdown
    3. Add or remove users from the Users field (optional)
    4. Use Bureau Account should be checked

    Adaptasoft Swipeclock Account Configuration

    Enabling the integration for an individual account

  4. Click Save

Enable Integration in CPO Company Setup

  1. In CPO, select CyberPay Online Phoenix under the Applications dropdown
  2. Select the Company tab and choose the Company
  3. Click the Integrations tab and you will see a section titled Time Keeping IntegrationClick Enable Time Keeping Integration and sign the “Terms of Use” agreement.
  4. Enter the SwipeClock Site Code and configure accordingly. For more details on these fields, see the KB article titled Adaptasoft Integration.
    1. Unique TimeKeeping Field to Employee ID
    2. Send Employee ID as Employee Code
    3. Send Timekeeping ID as Card 1
  5. Check Sync Employees
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Validate Setup
  8. Click Export Employees even if employee data is already in SwipeClock. This will establish the connection between the two systems.

The Integration tab is where the connection between CPO and SC is completed

What Data Syncs between Adaptasoft and SwipeClock?

Currently, the fields that sync between Adaptasoft and SwipeClock are listed in the screenshot above. Each field in Adaptasoft is listed along with its corresponding field within SwipeClock.

**Note that the integration is only designed to automatically push changes made in Adaptasoft into SwipeClock®. If you make an update in SwipeClock® directly, it will not be updated automatically in Adaptasoft.**

Timekeeping Data

Timekeeping data can be imported from SwipeClock through the Payroll tab in CPO Phoenix. Before performing the initial import, Pay Code Translation and Labor Mapping need to be setup in SwipeClock. Pay Code Translation is where Punch Categories in SwipeClock are mapped to earning codes in CPO.

Importing time cards is done in CPO through the Payroll tab

Labor Mapping is necessary if clock prompt data, like job codes or tips, is being collected in timekeeping and included in the export. Labor Mapping is done in SwipeClock through the File Format Maintenance rule. You will need to enter “adaptasofta” as the selected File Format.

Importing time cards is done in CPO through the Payroll tab

How do I View an Employee in SwipeClock?

To view the employees within SwipeClock®, log into CyberPay Online Phoenix and choose TimeKeeping from the Applications dropdown. (image 8) The TimeKeeping tab will provide access to your SwipeClock account.

Then click on “Employee Setup” from the left-hand column. Then, click on the name of an employee to view their information in more detail. You can then fill out any additional details within the SwipeClock® interface. Your client can access timekeeping in the same manner.

Employee Portal Access

Employees can also access the SwipeClock Employee Self Service portal through the Timekeeping tab in CPO.

Adaptasoft Swipeclock CyberPay Timekeeping Tab.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by Adaptasoft.

For support regarding this integration, please contact Adaptasoft’s support team by email: