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How does HUB Connect integrate with Thinkware?

SwipeClock® integrates with ThinkWare’s DNet 2.0 through our API. Employee information from within DNet 2.0 is only pushed to SwipeClock® so the two systems stay in sync. Please note that this integration is not designed to send employee information out of SwipeClock and into DNet 2.0, DNet 2.0 will need to be the primary system of record.

Key Benefits of Integrating Thinkware with HUB Connect

Integrate in Minutes

No need to memorize multiple logins for Evolution Classic, Employee Portal, and TimeWorksPlus.

Improve Client Retention

When your clients use Time & Attendance integrated with Payroll their retention increases.

How do I Enable the Thinkware Integration?

Integrating TimeWorksPlus with DNet 2.0 starts by creating an Accountant Level login in TimeWorksPlus. This credential, as well as the SwipeClock Site ID and a Client Level login, facilitate the connection. The Accountant Login will be supplied to you by SwipeClock.

Creating a Client Login with TimeWorksPlus

  1. Select Maintenance Menu > Login Maintenance and click Add New Login.
  2. Create a Client Login and note the login name and password for reference.TimeWorksPlus client login screenshot

Integrating the Two Accounts in DNet 2.0

  1. In DNet 2.0, access System Level > Setup > Company List > Edit and enter the Accountant login and password.
    thinkware - timeworksplus and dnet2.0 integration screenshot

Pay Code Translation

In order for timecard export to payroll, Pay Code Translation needs to be setup in TimeWorksPlus.

To map punch categories to pay categories

  1. In TimeWorksPlus, click Settings Menu > Processing Rules > Processing > PayCodeTranslation.
  2. Use the text box to map the TWP Punch Category to a DNet Pay Code.
    ThinkWare Pay Code Translation Screenshot

DNet 2.0 Client Login Setup

This is the default SwipeClock Login ID that will be used for client users on this account.*

  1. In DNet 2.0, follow the click-path System User Level > Client Maintenance > Clients > Employee Time Punch Setup
  2. Select the Use SwipeClock checkbox
  3. Add the SwipeClock Site ID. This is the Site Code from the TimeWorksPlus client listing.
  4. Add a SwipeClock Login that matches a Client Level user in TimeWorksPlus. This is the default SwipeClock login ID that will be used for client users for this client.
    ThinkWare dnet2.0 client login setup
    *A user specific SwipeClock Login ID can be provided for individual client users to override this default.
Client User Login Override

If you want a DNet 2.0 user’s access to be mapped to a different TWP login, for the purpose of having access to different employees/permissions in SwipeClock

  1. Follow the path System Level > Users > Choose User > Edit Client Access > Edit
  2. Fill in the SwipeClock Login field with a SwipeClock login ID.
    ThinkWare dnet2.0 client user override screenshot

Employee Export

To populate employee data in TimeWorksPlus

  1. In DNet 2.0, follow the click-path System Level > Client Maintenance > Clients > Employee Time Punch Setup > Assign Employees
  2. Highlight the employees from the grid and click the Export to SwipeClock button

Employee Setup for SwipeClock Access

  1. Follow the click-path System Level > Client Maintenance > Clients > Time Punch Setup > Assign Employees
  2. Select Time Clock Setup
  3. Add the SwipeClock login and SwipeClock Employee Code
    ThinkWare DNet2.0 Time Clock Setup Screenshot

Import Setup

Configuring the time card import is done in DNet 2.0.

  1. Click System > Client Maintenance > Clients > Time Clock Import Setup
  2. Enter swipeclock3 as the Model ID for the import format
  3. Employee Prefix: Enter the Prefix that you would like added automatically to Employees
  4. Employee Direction: Choose from which direction to begin counting the number of characters of the Imported Employee ID as specified in the Employee Length field (i.e. if Employee Length is 4 and Employee Direction is “Right” we will use the rightmost 4 characters from the imported value)
  5. Employee Length: Choose the number of characters to use from the imported employee ID
  6. Profile Prefix: Static Prefix that will be added to the beginning of the Employee ID that is imported, following any rules specified in Employee Length and Employee Direction fields
  7. OT Factor: Enter the default Overtime rate
  8. Location by Department: Use if Department is associated with a specific locationThinkWare DNet2.0 Edit Import Setup Screenshot

How do I View an Employee in SwipeClock?

To view the employees within SwipeClock take the following steps

  1. Log into DNet and access SwipeClock.
  2. Click on “Employee Setup” from the left-hand column.
  3. Click on the name of an employee to view their information in more detail.
  4. You can then fill out any additional details within the SwipeClock® interface.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by ThinkWare.

For support regarding this integration, please contact ThinkWare’s support team by email: or by phone: 513-598-3300.