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Connect timekeeping to payroll, HR, benefits administration, rewards, finance, and other applications.

SwipeClock for Developers

WorkforceHUB supports integration options ranging from simple import/export file formats to fully embedded HR applications.

Not sure where to start?

Integrations can take different forms depending on who the solution targets and what you are integrating to (or from). Common starting points are:

  • Add Timekeeping to a Payroll Platform. Sync TimeWorksPlus employees and time card data with a payroll platform. Check out the TWP APIs and sample code
  • Add HR Services (WorkforceHUB) to a Payroll Platform. Add timekeeping, self-serve portal, applicant tracking, onboarding, workflow, communications, document storage and more to a payroll platform. Check out the HUB Integration documentation and sample code.
  • Use Time Data for Job Costing/Accounting. Build a custom integration based on TWP APIs. Get assistance at DevSupport@SwipeClock.com or fill out the Integrations Application with a brief description of your integration objectives.
  • Add your HR Service to WorkforceHUB.
    Make your HR added-value applications accessible directly in WorkforceHUB. Check out the HUB Exchange plug-in documentation.
    If you have another integration in mind, fill out an Integrations Application with a description of what you’d like to do.

Pre-built Integrations

Pre-built integrations exist for most major payroll platforms. Search our HUB Connect library of hundreds of export formats, pre-built TimeWorksPlus/payroll and HR service (WorkforceHUB) integrations here.

TimeWorksPlus can support the following with most major payroll platforms:

  • export hours, pay, overtime, vacation, net pay and more
  • import employee profile data (new hires and employee updates)
  • export/import custom fields for site, company, job or other data

Custom Integrations

Build your own custom integration that:

  • synchronizes with SwipeClock timekeeping and HR services data
  • Use SwipeClock timekeeping and HR services data through your own user interfaces
    Get details on the custom integrations page.


Add your HR service or application to WorkforceHUB through our Plug-ins page.
For more information contact us at: hubexchangeinfo@swipeclock.com

Pre-built Integrations

SwipeClock products integrate with many payroll platforms. Search by company or format name. Filter by type, function and integration level. SwipeClock products also supports import/export for most payroll platforms.

Build Your Own Custom Integrations

Build your own custom integrations to SwipeClock timekeeping and HR services (e.g., integrate with your payroll platforms, employee portals). Integrations require a common company and employee ID between timekeeping and HR services.

There are two integration types:

  • Data Integration – sharing or synchronizing employee, company, job, time and other data between two or more systems
  • User Interface Integration – rendering data, activities or services from data integration to users for access in other systems

Data Integration

Create an integration between WorkforceHUB and a payroll platform using TWP REST APIs (for timekeeing integration) and HUB WCF services (for HR services integration). Common company and employee IDs ensure data and file synchronization between all systems.


  • Employee synchronization from payroll to timekeeping
  • Time card data transfer from timekeeping to payroll
  • Single Sign-on and embedded timekeeping components in third-party solutions
  • Accrual balance transfers

Developer Tools

HR Services integration supports:

  • New hire onboarding from HUB to payroll
  • Access to pay data (pay stubs, W2 tax forms) from payroll in HUB
  • Access to pay data (pay stubs, W2 tax forms) from payroll in HUB

Developer Tools

User Interface Integration

Embed common web-based components into a custom solution such as an application page or an employee portal. Components include the employee time clock, time card, schedule and time-off request. For instructions on user interface integration and how to access timekeeping from other applications using Single Sign-on (SSO), read the TimeworksPlus Integration Overview.

Support: For questions or additional information, contact us at devsupport@swipeclock.com.


WorkforceHUB supports plug-ins for HR services (e.g., 401k Management, Employee Wages On-demand, others).

For information on how to create a WorkforceHUB plug-in for your service, fill out a HUB Exchange Application. For additional questions, contact us at hubexchangeinfo@swipeclock.com.