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How does HUB Connect integrate with Execupay?

SwipeClock® integrates with Execupay through our API. Employee information from within Execupay is pushed to SwipeClock® so the two systems stay in sync. Please note that this integration is not designed to send information out of SwipeClock and into Execupay, so Execupay will need to be the primary system of record.

Key Benefits of Integrating Execupay with HUB Connect

Single Sign On (SSO)

No need to memorize multiple logins for Execupay and TimeWorksPlus.

Improve Client Retention

When your clients use Time & Attendance integrated with Payroll their retention increases.

How do I Enable the Execupay Integration?

The integration is enabled and configured in Execupay, but you will need to do the following in TimeWorksPlus before proceeding:

SwipeClock Preparation

  1. Create a Client level login for the sole purpose of the integration. The login and password for this user will be entered in Execupay later. No actual user will ever use these credentials, it simply facilitates the connection between the two systems.
    Creating Client login in SwipeClock’s Login Maintenance
  2. Get the SwipeClock Site ID. This can be found in your Client List under the Site Code column.

Once you have these items, you can continue with the integration process in Execupay.

Enable Custom Fields in Execupay

  1. In Execupay, select the Client. Under Company, choose Edit Company.
  2. Select the Custom Fields tab
    Custom Fields tab in Execupay
  3. Enable
    1. Allow Integration
    2. Allow SC Department
    3. Allow SC Rate

You may also need to enable TLM Custom Mapping, although you do not need to add anything in the String Value field. Once the integration is turned on, it will populate automatically.

Turn On Integration

  1. In the company settings, choose Time Integration
    Execupay Time Integration Enablement
  2. In the Provider drop-down, select SwipeClock
  3. Enter the Login, Password and Site ID from TWP in the Account Details. This is the data you created in the previous steps.
  4. For the URL, use
  5. See the following section, What Data Maps Between Execupay and SwipeClock for information on employee field mapping.Execupay Account Details for Integration

What Data Syncs between Execupay and SwipeClock?

When the account details are setup, you can proceed to select the fields that will be pushed to SwipeClock. Use the Custom Mapping button to present the following checkbox list.

IMPORTANT: Password should never be mapped to SwipeClock since it will overwrite the employee’s timekeeping password.

The following fields can be integrated between Execupay and Swipeclock:

  • Designation
  • Title
  • SSN
  • Department
  • Supervisor
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Phone
  • Lunch Minutes
  • Auto Lunch
  • Hours
  • Pay Rate 0-3
  • Options
  • Card Numbers 1-3
  • Home 1
  • Home 2
  • Home 3
  • Schedule
  • Export Block
  • Email

Once you have mapped the fields, click Save and Exit. The integration will run according to your defined schedule, but you can manually run the integration with the Init Active Employees under the Init EE’s menu.

Please keep in mind that for this integration to function, the Employee # field from Execupay must match the “Employee Code” field within SwipeClock®. When a new employee is added into Execupay, please be sure to enter an Employee # and then this data will automatically be copied into SwipeClock® when the employee is created there. For updating existing employees (individuals existing already in both systems), if the Employee # and Employee Code field values do not match, it will result in duplicate entries being created within SwipeClock® rather than existing data being updated.

**Note** The integration is only designed to automatically push changes made in Execupay into SwipeClock®. If you make an update in SwipeClock® directly, it will not be updated automatically in Execupay.

How do I View an Employee in SwipeClock?

To view the employees within SwipeClock, log into your SwipeClock account directly and click on “Employee Setup” from the left-hand column. Then, click on the name of an employee to view their information in more detail. You can then fill out any additional details within the SwipeClock interface.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by Execupay.

For support regarding this integration, please contact Execupay’s support team by email: or by phone: 877.366.9511.