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Partnering with 1300+ businesses and 1,000,000+ users has made us experts in workforce management. And perhaps even more importantly, experts in being a great partner. Our time solution is ready to embed with other technology platforms. Your offering paired with a time solution customers will love and trust.

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Use Cases

Payroll Integrations

pricing check boxSync Employee Data

pricing check boxMonitor Employee Hires

pricing check boxMonitory Employee Terminations

pricing check boxSync Payroll Data

pricing check boxSync PTO/Sick Available Balances

pricing check boxSend Pay Stubs/Check Data

Embedded Time Components

pricing check boxSSO

pricing check boxEmbed Web Clock

pricing check boxEmbed Time Card

pricing check boxEmbed Time-Off Request

pricing check boxEmbed Schedule

Hub Exchange Apps

pricing check boxHR Role Apps

pricing check boxEmployee Apps

Development Process Overview 

Swipeclock is committed to supporting partners who want to integrate with our products. The following process is designed to streamline your development efforts:

  1. Developer Program Application

    Start by completing the application. Once you have submitted it, you will be contacted by a business development team member.
  2. Developer Terms of Service

    Provided to you by the Swipeclock Business Development team member. Review the terms of service, sign it, and return it to them. After you and Swipeclock have signed it, you will be provided with a copy for your records.
  3. Swipeclock Meeting(s)

    One or more meetings will be scheduled with you and Swipeclock where we’ll discuss your planned integration. We’ll use the meeting to understand what you need from Swipeclock and provide you with information that will help you get up to speed on your integration as quickly as possible.
  4. Development System Access

    You will be provided with an integration partner id that you will need in order to call wfhapi endpoints and will be given access to a development account.
  5. Integration Development

    At this point you will be ready to begin the development on your integration. We’ll be available to answer any questions you have.
  6. Integration Developer Checklist

    Download this checklist and complete it for your integration. Email it to swilley@swipeclock.com before your scheduled review.
  7. Code Review

    When you have completed your integration, you will meet with the Swipeclock development team for a code review. This review will focus on best practices and correct use of wfhapi.
  8. Demo

    You will meet with the development and business development team members at Swipeclock to give a demonstration of your integration.
  9. Production Credentials

    Once you have completed the code review and demo, you will be provided with production credentials from Swipeclock.
  10. Launch

    With your production credentials, you will be ready to launch your integration! Swipeclock will be available to make sure your launch goes smoothly.
  11. Yearly Check-In

    You will participate in yearly assessment of your integration /renewal of credentials. Swipeclock will reach out to you when it’s time.

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