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CyberPay, Inc. is a developer of adaptable payroll bureau software that’s quick, streamlined and accessible, placing ease of use and technical support at the forefront of the customer experience. CyberPay provides simple, reliable payroll solutions your business can count on.  We understand that our support translates to your sucess. 

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How does SwipeClock integrate with CyberPay?

CyberPay Online Phoenix integrates with SwipeClock Workforce management, premier timekeeping with all the insight and controls to optimize labor costs and efficiently track time while delivering great employee experience!

CyberPay Online Phoenix (CPO) is a robust cloud-based application with all the tools necessary for employers to interface with the payroll service provider and streamline payroll processing. CPO Phoenix is seamlessly integrated with SwipeClock time cards for payroll completion. Payroll managers now have easy access to all time and labor punch data that enables them to effectively management and forecast while accurately tracking and attributing hours and labor costs.

Employee Sync – All employees (or filtered lists) are synchronized between the two systems with CPO as the master source. Records are not duplicated. All changes to employee records are automatically reflected in SwipeClock.

Employee Self-Service – Employees can easily access time services right from their CPO portal through single sign-on (SSO). Clock in and out, view and approve time cards and see schedules. Employees can review their W2, pay stubs, time-off requests and more. They can access Web Clock for punching in and out.

Secure Payroll Updates – Time card data from SwipeClock is securely imported into CPO using double authentication with a security text code.

Intelligent Clock Functions – Users experience all the benefits of SwipeClock’s Intelligent Clock services with state-aware punch data (eliminates missed punches) and schedule enforcement (curbs early punches). Available time data includes job codes, departments, GPS locations and more. Intelligent clock features are available in web-based clocks and interactive touch-screen hardware clocks.

Supervisor Visibility and Management – With SwipeClock, supervisors can view who’s on the job, approve and correct time cards, receive late/no-show alerts and see who’s approaching overtime limits — all from any location.

Where can I find resources for the CyberPay integration?

The following resources for this integration are available:

How do I enable the CyberPay integration?

Information for the CyberPay Integration is found here in the SwipeClock Support Center.

Topics include:

  • Bureau Setup
  • Client Setup
  • Employee Data Mapping
  • Timekeeping Import Setup
  • Timekeeping Import Process
  • Employee Portal Access


Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an Employer, please be aware that this integration is supported by your Payroll Provider.

For Payroll Providers, support for this integration is provided by CyberPay.