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Evolution Payroll is a Payroll, HR, and Tax Management system developed by payroll and HR service bureau veterans for the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry. It is a Web-based application that facilitates remote client tasks such as adding new employees, existing employee maintenance, managing and processing payrolls, running reports and more, via the Internet using a Web browser.

(Evolution HCM is now Asure Software)

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How does SwipeClock integrate with Evolution Payroll?

SwipeClock is integrated with Evolution Payroll at two levels: TimeWorksPlus and WorkforceHUB.

The TimeWorksPlus integration was developed and is supported by Evolution and enables the following: 

  • Employee Sync – Relevant employee profile data is passed from Evolution to TimeWorksPlus.
  • Timecard Import – Time card data can be manually or automatically imported to Evolution.

The WorkforceHUB integration was developed and is supported by SwipeClock and enables the following: 

  • New Employee Onboarding – HUB onboarding supports processing of new hires up to the point of adding them to payroll.  The integration automates the process of adding new hires to Evolution Payroll with all relevant information plus the storing of employee hire documents in HUB. 
  • Employee Updates – Employees can update their demographic information through HUB and those updates are automatically updated in Evolution.
  • Pay Stubs – Pay stub and tax info from Evolution is passed to HUB where it is available for employees.


What data syncs between Evolution and WorkforceHUB?

  • Employee data and updates are passed from Evolution to TimeWorksPlus
  • Time card data is passed from TimeWorksPlus to Evolution
  • Accrual data from TimeWorksPlus is available to Evolution
  • New hire employee data is passed to Evolution for creation of new employees in payroll
  • Employee self-serve updates are passed from WorkforceHUB to Evolution
  • Pay stubs and tax info is passed from Evolution to WorkforceHUB


How do I enable and use the Evolution integrations?

The following resources are available for Evolution integrations:



Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an Employer, please be aware that this integration is supported by your Payroll Provider.

For Payroll Providers, support for the TimeWorksPlus integration is provided by Asure Software (Evolution). Support for WorkforceHUB integration is provided by SwipeClock.