Setting Up a Company for an Integration

When setting up a basic integration that can sync employees, you will need to do the following to set up the Company:

Task Description Endpoint(s)

See wfhapi Swagger page for details.

Create a Company For initial creation of a Company


You will need the partnerProductLevelId to create a company. You can use the Get Partner Product Levels endpoint to get this.

Create Company

Get Partner Product Levels

Update a Company If you need to update the Company after creating it, use this endpoint. Update Company
Set up Organizations There are three supported Organization Levels:  Department, Location, and Position. Use the Upsert endpoints to create new, or update, entries for these organization levels.


You will need the organizationLevelId for an Organization Level to add an Organization to it. If you don’t know the organizationLevelId, you can obtain it through the Get Company Organization Levels endpoint.

Upsert Company Organization

Upsert Company Organizations

Get Company Organization Levels


Create Employee Types Create or update Employee Types (e.g., seasonal, full-time, part-time, etc.) Upsert Company Employee Types
Create Employees Create or update Employees


If you need the Employee schema, call the Get Company Employee Scheme endpoint.


If you need information on managers to assign a manager to an employee, call the Get Company Managers endpoint.

Upsert Employee

Get Company Employee Scheme

Get Company Managers