Getting ESS Change Request Data

The following flowchart illustrates how to process pending changes that are returned by the Get ESS Pending Changes endpoint:

You can retrieve information related to a requested change as follows:

  • Address
  • Cell Phone
    • A cell phone number change is made directly to WFH. You can retrieve an Employee’s current cell phone number using the Get Employees
  • Direct Deposit
  • Federal W4
    • You can retrieve an Employee’s requested Federal W4 change using the Get Most Recent Tax Information Change endpoint:
    • Note: WFH does not track State tax information, only Federal tax data can be changed by the employee.
  • New Hire
    • You can retrieve information for a new hire using the Get New Hire
    • The returned newHire object contains the information needed to update the payroll system, such as employee name, email, address, etc.