Integration Ideas

Integrations to WFH can include the following:

  • Company Management
    • Create company
    • Get company
    • Update company
  • Employee Management
    • Get employee information
    • Get employee manager information
    • Post employee information
    • Get new hire information
    • Get & acknowledge pending changes
      • W4 tax information
      • Direct deposit information
      • Address
      • Cell phone
    • Upload payroll documents
      • Check stubs
      • Tax documents
    • Organization Management
      • Get organization
      • Get organization level
      • Create Organization
      • Update organization
    • Timecard Data Management
      • Get timecard data
    • Accruals Data Management
      • Get accruals balances
      • Get accruals activity
      • Set accruals balances
    • Single-Sign-On allowing Employee or Managers direct access from an integration partner site/portal to the Web Clock, Time Off, Schedule, Time Card, or Portal without having to log in multiple times

This document will give basic guidance, documentation, and example code for each of these elements.  The API endpoints documented in these examples may also support advanced/optional parameters.

Depending on which payroll system you are integrating with, there may be additional data to sync with WFH.  Two common types of data are the Time Categories (Pay Codes) and Clock Prompts which are used for job codes or cost centers. Currently this data can only be set up directly in WFH and not through the API.

For more information on Swipeclock’s API capabilities, please visit or email