Handling New Hire Round-Tripping

When processing New Hires in WFH, it is important to understand the New Hire Round Trip process. WFH will create a “New Hire” account for each onboarded employee. The incoming employee will log into WFH with this New Hire account and complete the Onboarding process which includes providing employee information, and reviewing and signing employment documents, etc. At the end of this process, WFH will generate a unique newHireId for the onboarded employee and add the New Hire change type to the pending changes queue. The New Hire account is still active, but it cannot be used to log into WFH until the employee is Round-Tripped.

Round-Tripping is accomplished by creating a new Employee in the payroll system, and then syncing that Employee back to WFH using the Upsert Employee endpoint.  You must include the unique newHireId the first time you sync this Employee back to WFH. When WFH sees an incoming Employee with a newHireId, it will associate that Employee with the WFH new hire account created during the onboarding process and will convert the new hire account into a regular WFH Employee account.