Embedded WFH Employee Components

For employees, you can embed specific time components into other pages, portals or applications. The integrator simply includes the same Employee JWT from the SSO for Employees section as a part of the URL for each component. These components are designed to be either in an iframe on your Portal or opened in new browser tab. The components will detect the employee’s role, such as admin or manager and will show the appropriate options.

Options for embedding in an iframe include the following:

  • Web Clock: https://clock.payrollservers.us/?enclosed=true&jwt= [myIssuedJwt]
  • Time Off: https://clock.payrollservers.us/manager/portal/timeOff.html?jwt=[myIssuedJwt]
  • Time Card: https://clock.payrollservers.us/manager/portal/timeCard.html?jwt=[myIssuedJwt]
  • Scheduling: https://clock.payrollservers.us/manager/portal/schedule.html?jwt=[myIssuedJwt]

If an employee token is passed in, the employee version of the component is displayed. See the Manager Components section below for what displays when a manager token is passed in for everything but Web Clock which looks the same regardless of the token.