Vendor Roles Versus Partner Roles

WFH is distributed by Swipeclock to Partners that resell it to individual Client companies. We anticipate the possibility that many integrators may be payroll vendors who develop or sell a payroll system to multiple Partners who then resell the payroll system to individual Client companies, similar to how WFH is distributed. In this situation, it is important for a vendor to understand that the WFH API documented here is partner-based. When calling the WFH API, the integrator must supply an API Key and API Password that are specific to the partner in order to update any client Company or Employee that is “owned” by the WFH partner account.

This means that a vendor developing a WFH integration must provide the ability for each Partner to enter individual API credentials as part of deploying the vendor’s WFH integration. The vendor’s integration software must then securely store those credentials for use when calling the WFH API on behalf of the Partner.