Uploading Payroll Documents

Integrators can upload payroll documents (e.g., check stubs, 1099s or W2s) to WFH for automated, secure distribution to Client employees using the Add Payroll Document end point for each document and including these fields:

  • ProcessNumber – A unique identifying number used to help identify the payroll to WFH. This is typically taken from the payroll system’s identifier for the payroll run. WFH uses the eventDate and the ProcessNumber to uniquely identify each payroll. Note: If a payroll system does not use a unique identifier for each payroll run, we suggest that the integrator assign a unique ProcessNumber in order to make sure that separate payrolls in WFH are shown correctly, particularly if multiple payrolls might be processed with the same eventDate. When uploading year end documents, the event date needs to be the last day of the year.
  • Document – a pdf of a check stub or year-end document.