Uploading Payroll Documents

Integrators can upload payroll documents (e.g., check stubs, 1099s or W2s) to WFH for automated, secure distribution to Client employees using the Post Document Batch endpoint and the Post Document File endpoint.  Typically, there would be one batch for a payroll run of a particular document type, but it’s possible to have multiple batches if needed.

Before any documents can be posted, a batch must be created.  This is done using the Post Document Batch end point.  A batch can only include one type of document (e.g., CheckStub, FormW2, Form1099, or Form1095), so defining a batch includes selecting which of these document types will be in the batch.  For check stub batches, a process number, period start date and period end date can also be defined.

The Post Document Batch endpoint returns the batch id.  Note this id as it is needed to post files to the batch or delete the batch itself. If you need the batch id later and don’t have it, the Get Document Batches endpoint can be used to get a list of batch ids along with batch details.

Once the batch has been created, the Post Document File endpoint is used to add files to the batch. Every posted document includes an associated employeeId. The endpoint returns a fileId for each document added to the batch.  Note this fileId as it is needed if you want to delete the file from the batch. If you need the fileId later and don’t have it, you can use the Get Document Batch endpoint to get information on all the files in the batch, including their fileId and associated employeeId.